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  • [MADE] THE worm 10 leggings

  • Even compared to the brand, the leggings single piece or innerwear, which is confident even with the brand, all over the place~ Don't panic in the cold weather, prepare in advance~!! (M~XL / 2color)
  • $ 20.89
  • [MADE] THE Worm Part 3 Underpants

  • Even compared to the brand, it is light as if you are not wearing a heating fabric, but with strong thermal insulation, do not wander about this winter with Heattech at Joa Mom! (M~XL / 2color)
  • $ 14.12
  • [MADE] Ahn Shin Eun-Jul Span Ankle Boots

  • The perfect line that satisfies all the conditions is different from the feeling of wearing~ The ankle is also easy to make, and I took care of everything one by one (5color)
  • $ 50.26
  • [MADE] Soft Leather Loafers

  • Uncomfortable Loafers, stop it now! Believe it is a brand-grade light and soft and comfortable like sneakers, please buy it :) (3color)
  • $ 50.83
  • [MADE] Bra that breathes for 24 hours

  • Cumulative sales of 20,000 copies ~ Repurchase rate 200% Similar, but never the same Quality! I'm confident~ It's different when you try it on! (XS~XL / 3color)
  • $ 28.12
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