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  • [MADE] Bra that breathes for 24 hours

  • Cumulative sales of 20,000 units~ Repurchase rate of 200% Quality that is never the same even if it looks similar! I'm confident~ Try it on and it'll be different! (XS~XL / 2color)
  • $28.12 $ 22.59

Product Information, Display

Product List
  • [MADE] THE worm 10 parts leggings 22fw

  • Pleasant and warm 24 hours a day Heat inner in pants with heat function or one piece, skirt coordination possible Soft fit without worrying about skin irritation~ (M~XL / 2color)
  • $ 16.72
  • [MADE] THE worm 10 leggings

  • Compared to other brands, the confident heating fabric Leggings single piece or innerwear is used throughout~ Don't panic in the cold weather and prepare in advance~!! (M~XL / 2color)
  • $ 20.89
  • [MADE] THE Worm Part 3 Underpants

  • Even compared to the brand, it's light as if you're not wearing a confident heating fabric, but with strong warmth, don't wander around Heattech this winter from Joamam! (M~XL / 2color)
  • $14.12 $ 5.65
  • dog skirt underpants

  • Skirts and dresses are added without the YZone as the skirt is added with the cooling dog material! (L~XL / 2color)
  • $ 13.33
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